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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How did you couple meet?

    We were on a cruise heading to the Grand Bahamas when we spotted each other in a conference room.

  • How many adventures have you taken?

    Oh wow! Almost too many to count. Together, I'd say we've been on about 15+ adventures, mostly in the Americas and Caribeans. Seperately, probably equally as much.

  • What are your ethnic backgrounds?

    Speaking in the third person, Drew is Korean. And nooooo, he's not from North Korea whatsoever! Sherry is Chinese. So that makes little Chloe a Chinese-Korean :)

  • What is Global Wealth Trade & where can I learn more?

    Global Wealth Trade is a business Sherry does. She's been a successful business owner for many years with a proven track record of real residual income. You can learn more here...

  • Who built your website?

    I of course (Drew)! I'm a professional freelance developer and programmer. My business goes by Dream Designs Global, or simply Dream Designs. You can learn more about my services at

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