Precious Moments - the times, the moments that we hold dear

There are many events, forks in the road and memories through the course of one's life that we all catalog in the back of our mind. Even the small things in life that we often forget or don't give a second thought to, may in some way, someday reflect right back at us in the mirror.... a reflection of our lives. These are the moments we tend to cherish, to remember, to hold dear to our hearts.

The world is so full of negative news, deaths, wars. It seems news agencies and publications always focus on what's wrong with the world with all it's pain and misery. Honestly, I'm tired of that and no one seems to report on all the things that are good in the world. Thus...

These are the moments that we, my family and I would like to share with the world. These are but a small glimse of some of the good in the world. So, without further ado, please read, view on and share with your family and friends.

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