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There are many events, forks in the road and memories through the course of one's life that we all catalog in the back of our mind. Even the small things in life that we often forget or don't give a second thought to, may in some way, someday reflect right back at us in the mirror.... a reflection of our lives. These are the moments we tend to cherish, to remember, to hold dear to our hearts.

The world is so full of negative news, deaths, wars. It seems news agencies and publications always focus on what's wrong with the world with all it's pain and misery. Honestly, I'm tired of that and no one seems to report on all the things that are good in the world. Thus...

These are the moments that we, my family and I would like to share with the world. These are but a small glimse of some of the good in the world. So, without further ado, please read, view on and share with your family and friends.

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The Story of My Life Dec 04, 2015

By Dec 04, 2015
My innocent self Wow, where do I begin. Life is complex and all the trivial, and not so trivial, mundane and not so mundane things in life cannot possibly be contained within a single book. There are so many plot twists, surprises, cliff hangers and thousands if not millions of climatic events in the course of one's life, that it could give Hollywood scripts to write for eons to come. So then, how does one attempt to condense it all into a single story, a single article? Well, I shall attempt just that, in my own words. Thus, this is the story of my life....

I come from a large family of 4 sisters and two brothers. I was smack in the middle in terms of age, but perhaps the smartest of them all.... joking. My mother and father were both highly religious, Protestant Christians. In fact, pretty much everyone in the family were religious, thus, I also grew up religious. Somewhere along the line, I ultimately lost my faith but that's another story to be told at another time. I mention this because this one event in my life's timeline would drastically alter the course of my life, the events that followed and the places I would end up going. Perhaps it was a means to an end..... how it was meant to be? Who knows. The truth is, as I often ponder on my life's past, I imagine, no, I rationally conclude that some things in my life had to have happened the way they did in order for certain forks in the road to present themselves. Honestly, I believe every human being should look at their lives in such a fashion. Perhaps doing so, we may be able to see the positive in things we remember as negative. But, who I am to say such things right? I can only speak for myself.

As a kid, I always loved tinkering with anything electrical or electronics. I think it came from the fact that my dad was an Electrical Engineer, so there were always things to play with (or break), and plenty of outlets to stick various items into, to see spectacular results. Of course, if you know anything about what happends when you stick things into wall sockets, you can pretty much guess that it would trip the breaker.... after a nice display of sparks that is. Dangerous? Of course, so don't try it at home! That's my little disclaimer :). So growing up, I always knew what I wanted to do, or at least knew what field(s) of interest I would persue; namely to be an Electrical Engineer. But as I grew older, I realized that this is "not" what I wanted, rather, what my father wanted. And I, perhaps being a good child, simply accepted that fact as my own desire and ran with it. Fast forward a few years, I finally decided the hell with what my dad wanted. I was going to persue what I wanted. And that, was my interest in computers and creating things using computers. By this point, I didn't exactly have a clue what it was I was going after, but what I did know was that I was taking my first step in the right direction. This.... was strike one.

As mentioned earlier, my parents were highly religious, as was the rest of my family. I followed along, a bit forcefully. Sometime in my preteens, I began to question the religious concept that I was told to adhere to. I began to question the Bible, the figure of Jesus and ultimately the concept of a God figure. I began studying Theology and studied various other religions such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, among others. This was essentially blasphemous to my parents, thus began a duel in Christianity vs Theology, religion vs Atheism, and ultimately, parent vs child. Was I alone? You bet. I became the black sheep in the household while all my siblings turned a blind eye and at times, sided with my parents. Perhaps not because they didn't like me. Perhaps not because they really were faithful in their religion, but perhaps because they felt they had no other choice. Perhaps it was better to be "one" with the family vs opposed. Well, to thrive to become my own person, I chose to oppose. This.... was strike two.

I had moved out of my parent's house immediately after graduation. This was due to too many conflicts and silent friction between my parents and I. I suppose I was simply the bad child, black sheep and everyone saw it that way. Did I care? hardly. In fact, I'm sure at that young age, I felt smarter and in the right in most cases.... not to mention I was invincible and could live forever :) And living on my own? C'mon, no problems, I'll just get a job, find a place to rent and play video games and party whenever! LOL! Well, that's the teen age mentality for you. I worked a minimum wage job at a gas station and rented a decent apartment in a no-so decent part of town... and with 2 other buddies. Then somehow at some point we ended up moving in a freakin' family of 4 with a dead-beat dad and a promiscuous teen slut of a daughter. Let me be the first to say, I voted against it, period! Oh by the way. My two roommates and I established some house rules so we all could manage to stay out of each other's hair. One was we take votes on crucial decisions that would effect the three of us. So we had voted on accepting this family of 4 because they were down on their luck and had promised to pay portion of the rent for only a few months so they can get back on their feet.

Well, I saw nothing but trouble, my buddy Bob (keeping his real name out of this) was looking at saving some money and my buddy Tom (not his real name either) was thinking with his other head.... if you know what I mean. So, it was 2 to 1 and somehow we managed to cram 5 adults, 1 teen slut and 1 bratty smart-assed younger sibling into a two-bedroom tiny apartment. Oh, and did I mention the fact that the father was an alcoholic, mother a closet prostitute, older daughter an aspiring porn star and younger daughter a real bitch!? Ya, that was quite a combination to deal with. In the end, everything, I mean everything unravelled and broke all to hell.... suprise suprise! Here's a quick recap... the family got kicked out for a number of reasons, I got into a major 4 - car accident that totaled my ride and leaving me without a car, Tom just vanished owing Bob and I a lot of money, Bob got threatened by apartment residence for flirting around and thus him and I were forced to vacate the premise. All in less than a month. Wheew! A few months later, after a second attempt at an apartment with just Bob and I, and losing my job, then getting evicted at the new place, I found myself back in my parents home...... disgusted and broken from my first excursion out into the adult's world. Back at home, I was immediately thrust into working for my dad in his electrical business and was getting primed (not by me) to take over his company... of which I had absolutely no desire. This (among other things) was a cause of much tension where one thing led to another, emotions broke, words exchanged, accusations made and I, the black sheep, the blasphemous son, got kicked out and was told to never return. This.... was strike three.

I ended up moving to Fresno, through some strange events and a sudden face-to-face with a good old buddy of mine who I thought fell off the face of the earth! And by some freak occurance, he was moving into his grandparent's house, whom I vaguely remembered and asked me if I wanted join him. Just like that, I said what the hell, hopped in and we cruised on down into Fresno in the middle of the night in a 25 degree frosty evening, in a topless custom built Pinto Hotrod... without a heater. And I, was in a parka. When we made it to Fresno, I was finally able to chisle the ice spikes from off my chin and the eyebrows, well, they went off with the rest of the ice. Thank God grandma knew how to paint them back on. And thank God she remembered me from back when I was a little kid... since apparently she watched over me a lot while tending to her grandson, whom I rode down with. This made it much easier for me to tell her my story and what my aspirations were in order for her to provide a temporary roof over my head. In the end, I got accepted into her home, and with great love and warmth. Thus began a new chapter in my life, a life where Fresno was my new hometown and my buddy and his grandmother, my new family.

Oh, and about those three strikes? I'm afraid you'll have to find out later. Afterall, this is already much too long and right now..... right now my little one is calling for me. Perhaps I should tell her the story of my life....

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