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There are many events, forks in the road and memories through the course of one's life that we all catalog in the back of our mind. Even the small things in life that we often forget or don't give a second thought to, may in some way, someday reflect right back at us in the mirror.... a reflection of our lives. These are the moments we tend to cherish, to remember, to hold dear to our hearts.

The world is so full of negative news, deaths, wars. It seems news agencies and publications always focus on what's wrong with the world with all it's pain and misery. Honestly, I'm tired of that and no one seems to report on all the things that are good in the world. Thus...

These are the moments that we, my family and I would like to share with the world. These are but a small glimse of some of the good in the world. So, without further ado, please read, view on and share with your family and friends.

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Start of a New Year With a New Baby Nov 02, 2015

By Nov 02, 2015
My innocent self Now that the crazy events of our Hawaii trip was in the brief past... see that article here, it was time to prepare for the new year that was fast approaching. Man how time sure flies right? Everyone says that and I thought it was just a cliche saying. But, as I get older, I realize how so true it is. I'm thinking perhaps that for each year we age, time increases in speed ever so slightly. So by the time we hit our 80's or 90's time goes by so fast that a year perhaps passes in a third of the time frame. And perhaps, that explains our march towards the existence of...... well, non-existence. Ya, ya, I got a crazy imagination, I know.

So being brand new parents, we were overwhelmed with what seemed like everything. And not to mention the sudden dramatic shift in our daily and nightly routines, lack of sleep and the constant vigil over a brand new little human being. Although we were tired, burned out, looked like we aged 10 years in a matter of months, we somehow still managed to enjoy the time with a new little one, and cherished the memories it forever burned into our minds and lives. Was and is it worth it? Absolutely. Every minute was worth it, every childbearing moment was worth it. Wait, perhaps we should ask the one that actually gave birth? I suppose it's easy for me to say, "O ya! Piece of cake. I'd do it again in an instant"!

Now that was back on September 11.... ya, we got our very own "9-1-1" baby. I mean, it's soooo true in so many sense! The fact that we were in a "911" situation.... medivaced (emergency flight) in the middle of the night from one island of Hawaii to another. And the fact that it's a day of remembrance... the 9/11 tragedy. Suffice it to say, we consider her a lucky baby in many ways. One thing is for sure, she'll have a nice story to tell her children and grandchildren about how she was born and all the crazy events surrounding it. Let's not forget the freakin' medical bills too!! OMG, not sure how it isn't illegal to charge the exorbitant bill we got hit with for that medivac... that flight that probably only took all but 15 minutes! I mean, C'mon! That's like a years worth of salary for middle-income head of house.... and then some!

And then the end of the year was around the corner. Seemed like everything went by so quickly after getting back from Hawaii with a new baby. I suppose that was because we were so tied up taking care of her and preparing our lives to accommodate her. Then the next thing we knew, Christmas was upon us, and passed and New Years was just days away. I remember as the end of the year was drawing to a close, we were reflecting on the amazing events that occured that year and how near the end of the year, out pops a new baby. So, as the new year was upon us, we looked forward to a brand new year, a brand new family member and many, many new memories to cherish and hold dear for decades to come.

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