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There are many events, forks in the road and memories through the course of one's life that we all catalog in the back of our mind. Even the small things in life that we often forget or don't give a second thought to, may in some way, someday reflect right back at us in the mirror.... a reflection of our lives. These are the moments we tend to cherish, to remember, to hold dear to our hearts.

The world is so full of negative news, deaths, wars. It seems news agencies and publications always focus on what's wrong with the world with all it's pain and misery. Honestly, I'm tired of that and no one seems to report on all the things that are good in the world. Thus...

These are the moments that we, my family and I would like to share with the world. These are but a small glimse of some of the good in the world. So, without further ado, please read, view on and share with your family and friends.

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Coming Out Early in Hawaii Oct 06, 2015

By Oct 06, 2015
My innocent self And then came a little human being, BAM! Just like that, into the world in what seemed like an instant! You would think that about 8 months of pregnancy is more than enough to get you prepared for a little human being. But it goes by so darn fast! And the next thing you know, you're in a hospital delivery room screaming to yourself, "Breath man, breath in... breath out... breath in...". Now I'm a believer.... it's the men that get freaked out the most.

Sherry and I started late in deciding to become parents. We wanted to be as stable as possible, both emotionally and financially. But as everyone who's been there and done that can tell you, you can never be fully ready. Honestly, we are both ambitious so we both wanted to get our careers and businesses off the ground and running smoothly before attempting a child. Well, now here we are, with a little one, uber cute and devastatingly beautiful. But, this story isn't about just a couple having a cute baby. Sure, sure it could be cute and leave you all cozy and warm inside but who wants that these days right? I'm going for crazy over-the-top, super hero, transforming robots and the like, type of story telling. So here goes.

Hawaii is our favorite destination for getting away. As a 5th year anniversary, we wanted to go back to Hawaii, this time hit Kaua'i Island. Now, at this time, Sherry was about 8 months pregnant... not quite there to completely stop traveling but beyond the point of hiking, paragliding and the like. Our doc even did not "not" suggest flying or vacationing. So, we decided to go, enjoy our time by relaxing, casual sight seeing and to celebrate our 5th. Kaua'i is just a beautiful island... in fact, my favorite of them all. Some of the sights we witnessed were just breathtaking, truly magnificent and awe-inspiring! I swear I almost had tears of pure joy and was overwhelmed by the wondrous beauty of nature all around. I felt that this was what it meant to be alive. This is what it meant to be utterly and entirely alive with the woman you most cherish standing there beside your side. I was surely in heaven.

As always, we rented a red Jeep Wrangler with a removable hardtop. Red happens to one of Sherry's favorite colors so I pretty much have no choice in that matter. Thank God there's never any pink ones.... thank you Chrysler-Fiat! Now of course, having a jeep almost certainly means you gotta hit the dirt roads and go off the beaten paths. So we're off-roading, checking out sites that your casual tourists wouldn't normally see or experience! On one of the days, we got wind of a secluded, hidden beach only known to locals. But to get there, you must traverse some daring rocky (and muddy) roads, side-wind through densely man-eating trees, vines and shrubs and scale mountainous sand dunes of death! Or just take hwy 56.... probably a bit easier. No, no. Actually, the hwy 56 doesn't take you there but rather, you take it passed some military facility, then for several bunch of miles, you're off-roading in dirt, sand and mud, weaving between dense trees and climbing sand dunes for what seems hours! I was a bit freaked out that perhaps my wife was going to go into some induced early labor with all the crazy driving, dips and climbs. Ok, so I'm slightly exaggerating. We didn't get too crazy since afterall, she was pregnant right? In the end, with all that crazy riding through strange trees, shrubs, muddy sand and the like, all of a sudden we come to a clearing.... a pristine, amazing clearing with blue skies, crystal clear beach and sand as smooth as you can imagine. All of this, surrounded by some formidable giant walls of granite and stone stretching from one end of the beach to the other. We both sat in our seats, stopped at what seemed to be the entrance to this hidden world, absorbed the breathtaking beauty of what spand out across our vision... sat there, speechless. I thought to myself, "This is it. This is where I want to retire". That, my dear readers was worth every inch of the rough Indiana Jones-ish ride.

Suffice it to say, we stayed there for a number of hours, enjoying the aqua blue waters, the finely textured spotless beach, the warm refreshing breeze gently whistling through the air and watching a few locals having fun with their BBQ pits, rafts and boats. Finally, it was time to go home..... rather, back to our hotel and get ready for a nice romantic dinner. Of course, this wasn't our one and only excursion rather, one of probably about a dozen. This was everything from mild hikes around amazing groves and forests, tours in caves and local hangouts. Rides across rich green landscapes as far as the eye can see and panoramic views of the world below from places so high that you're almost walking amongst puffs of clouds and rays of morning light.

So whatever happened to "Coming Out in Hawaii"? Well, that story is still a little ways off, with plenty to tell from now to then. But hang in there, I'll tell you all about it in part two, when the little one decides to join us in Hawaii, earlier than anticipated....

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