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There are many events, forks in the road and memories through the course of one's life that we all catalog in the back of our mind. Even the small things in life that we often forget or don't give a second thought to, may in some way, someday reflect right back at us in the mirror.... a reflection of our lives. These are the moments we tend to cherish, to remember, to hold dear to our hearts.

The world is so full of negative news, deaths, wars. It seems news agencies and publications always focus on what's wrong with the world with all it's pain and misery. Honestly, I'm tired of that and no one seems to report on all the things that are good in the world. Thus...

These are the moments that we, my family and I would like to share with the world. These are but a small glimse of some of the good in the world. So, without further ado, please read, view on and share with your family and friends.

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AirBnB? What's that You Say? Jan 02, 2016

By Jan 02, 2016
AirBnB Guest House Wahoo! In the spirit of Homer Simpson that is. That one word pretty much explains my excitement with our establishment of our AirBnB. Come again? What's this "AirBnB" thing I speak of? Well, haven't you been living under some tiny insignificant rock somewhere on some lonely planet.... in some far away galaxy... somewhere.

Ok, ok. So let me explain what AirBnB is. Ever heard of a Bed n Breakfast? Well, AirBnB is just like that.... except it's in the air, thus, "Air"-BnB! Ok fine, no more jokes. It's actually a really cool site that allows individual folks like you and I, to essentially turn any of our own properties into a Bed n Breakfast. Of course, we abide by AirBnB's rules and follow certain guidelines and naturally, they get a small cut of our profits. In the end, it's really a Win-Win-Win setup! I mean, I as the host sets a fee for hosting a BnB, the AirBnB service itself gets a small cut and the weary traveler has an alternative from your sky-high rates of your typical hotels and they get the comfort of a home away from home!

Now let me be honest with you. The wify is the one that got the ball rolling, set everything up and put in the due diligence. I just nodded my head a few times, ran a few errands to pick things up, as a good husband should do, and complained about losing my guest-house with the giant 50 inch plazma TV and 7.1 surround sound system to some strange guests from every part of the US. I mean, c'mon! I can't even walk in the backyard in my skivvies anymore! Ah, but such is a life. There's always give and take. On one hand, do I keep the freedom of prancing around like the Lord of the Flies, half naked in the backyward with a bottle of beer and pretzels. Or, do I enjoy and extra thousand bucks a month on the other hand? Hmmm, tough choice. I mean, I really do enjoy pretzels and beer, but darn. An extra 1K a month can get me even more pretzels and beer.

Well, either way, it's really awesome experiencing this new venture. It's a cool way of generating yet another stream of income. Sherry is great at that... having her own business of an online designer mall, which you can check out here. And if you're interesting in checking out our AirBnB posting, you can go here...

One thing is for sure. We have and will be meeting some interesting people from various parts of the US, perhaps world. I'm sure we'll end up making a few new friends in the process. And who knows, perhaps one of them will have their own AirBnB and welcome us to stay at their place....

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