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Life would be pretty boring and mundane without something to kick it off the couch and send it hurtling into some wild adventure. Experiencing things that we normally don't experience in the course of our daily lives really brings a richer meaning to life. And if nothing else, it's great for the body and soul.

I've been one to enjoy excursions and road trips with just myself and my thoughts, but it's all the more amazing with someone you can share those moments with. Life can be so much better when you can experience all that the world has to offer, when you're with a companion. In my adventures, I'm so glad that I have my amazing wife, right there beside me. So I suppose that makes it our adventures.

So here, I present to you all our adventures, the good and the bad, the grand, the amazing and awe inspiring. And sometimes, even the not so grand, but simple, relaxing and pleasurable moments somewhere away from home....

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Anniversary Cruise of 2011 Oct 14, 2015

By Oct 14, 2015
My innocent self We wanted to make our second anniversary a really memoriable one. I mean afterall, we made it through our first year as a married couple without killing each other and without any real issues, and was wrapping it up with such breeze. So for our second year anniversary, we decided to take a fun cruise with a pair of good friends, another married couple, Matt & Cody. Besides, they've never been on a cruise so this was a perfect opportunity to be there for their first experience.

Now just a brief on Matt and Cody, since this isn't about them. Matt and I go back yeeeeears, back to the days of college and living off of Ramen noodles and playing console games. We had a couple of classes together, shared the same web development interests and quickly hit it off.... um, as buddies that is, just buddies. C'mon, get your head out of the gutter! Through Matt, I eventually met the beautiful Cody, his girlfriend at the time. Many years later, we remain friends even from long distance... since I eventually ended up relocating into the LA county area. Now that the brief details on Matt & Cody are out of the way, I can resume on this story. I was discussing with Matt (more like bragging), on Sherry and I hitting a cruise for our second anniversary, and he mentioned that he's never been on one. At that point, a lightbulb went off above my head and I consulted with my wife that evening to see if we can make it a trip for four. She was all for it and was super excited since it's rare that we got to go on any vacation with close friends. Thus, I also suggested it to Matt & Cody and they were instantly for it. Thus began our exciting experience, intimate moments and the building of even stronger relationships.

Sherry and I have been on dozens of other cruises so this wasn't a new experience. However, some of the excursions we experienced were new, and of course, the familiar experiences on the ship itself were like experiencing something brand new with having two good friends to experiencing them with. A great time was when we all hung out in our cabin drinking sake, hard liquor and wines while acting all goofy and giddy. I think this was just all of us letting loose and enjoying the moment away from the daily hustle and bustle of work and life back at home. It was also great to see what each of us would do when buzzed and nearing a drunkard state. Thank goodness I didn't have to pull anyone off the railing before they took a dive into the deep blue sea... rather, I wanted to be the first to swim with the fishies! Wahoo!! .... hiccup

One of the best parts in our vacation was when we got off the ship and had a small land excersion off the beaten path. For the life of me, I cannot remember where exactly we went but ended up with a guide that took us to an amazing river that had a really awesome swimming hole. This was just totally relaxing and tons of fun. In fact, check out some of the pics in the gallery that showcase that. The fact that we were able to enjoy nature in it's pure and raw form was short of breathtaking, not to mention allowed us to truly experience what nature had to offer. This was just one highlight of this amazing vacation. There were so many more moments equally as great but to detail them all out here would make this piece much longer than most would probably care to read.

All in all, this was a trip that not only provided us with a break from reality, but also revitalized us, rejuvinated us and left us with a lasting impression to carry forward for many, many years. I can also safely say that this was a wonderful, wonderful 2nd anniversary, where it seemed, no no, where I know it just strengthened our marriage bond between Sherry and I. A bond that will carry us through many more adventures such as this. A bond perhaps where our grandchildren may someday enjoy.

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