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Life would be pretty boring and mundane without something to kick it off the couch and send it hurtling into some wild adventure. Experiencing things that we normally don't experience in the course of our daily lives really brings a richer meaning to life. And if nothing else, it's great for the body and soul.

I've been one to enjoy excursions and road trips with just myself and my thoughts, but it's all the more amazing with someone you can share those moments with. Life can be so much better when you can experience all that the world has to offer, when you're with a companion. In my adventures, I'm so glad that I have my amazing wife, right there beside me. So I suppose that makes it our adventures.

So here, I present to you all our adventures, the good and the bad, the grand, the amazing and awe inspiring. And sometimes, even the not so grand, but simple, relaxing and pleasurable moments somewhere away from home....

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The Business of St Maarten Sep 14, 2015

By Sep 14, 2015
My innocent selfSomeone might ask, "Where the heck is St Maarten"? I would respond by then explaining that it's a bit far east of Puerto Rico and east of the British Virgin Islands. Or, slightly South of Anguilla. In a nutshell, it's part of the Caribbeans and at the time of this writing, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. So this tiny little island is the backdrop for this article... and how it became a memoriable moment in our lives. So read on below...

In case you haven't heard or figured out yet, Sherry (my wife) is a leading luxury consultant for a Canadian company called GWT. And to learn more about her business, you can click here. With that said, "they" as in some of the key people in her business, go on various adventures such as this, not only for pleasure but also business. Every once in a while, people like me (the significant others) are able to tag along.... at our own expense of course. This trip was meant to be 99% business and 1% pleasure but..... somehow nobody got that memo. Or if they did, it must have went strait into their spam folders. As for Sherry and I, we saw this as an opportunity to treat it as our honeymoon... since we recently had gotten married, then came Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, so we didn't get a chance to book one. So we figured that she can "pretend" to do 99% work.... but really mentally check out and sneak away with me whenever the opportunity arose. Well, I can safely say that we didn't have to pull such a stunt since it seems everyone had mentally checked out by the time we all landed.

We all know that with any vacation getaway, there's usually plenty of drinking and playing in the sand & surf... especially going to such island getaways as this. And this was no exception! It seemed we partied from day 1, party at the beach, party in our hotel rooms, party at the hotel swimming pools, party under the stairs, in the walkways, down the dirt path to the closest minimart for more alcohol. Oh, and someone just turned on the radio! Party even louder! I think the next morning, most of us were pretty knocked out so we must have layed around and tossed around some business ideas.... to some degree, and pretty much spent the day doing nothing else.

I do know somewhere along the line, on perhaps one or two days, some of us did do some business. Then, as if some school just ended for the summer, the kids (us) went screaming out through the gates and into the wild west (the island), shooting their guns and arrows (beer and mixed drinks). Actually, to be honest, there was some work mixed in with the pleasure. In fact, you can check out the gallery and see Sherry yapping on the phone while relaxed in a beach chair (on the beach), sunglasses on her head and half asleep. That qualifies as work right?

In all honesty, I believe a lot of business actually got done. I think the culture of GWT has a lot to do with it.... Play hard now to work hard later! Uh, wait. I think it's suppose to be Work hard now, to play hard later. Oh, and about Sherry and I sneaking away when we could, well, we didn't have to. Seems like everyone sneaked away with us. And that, is what made this a wonderful honeymoon and memoriable adventure :)

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