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Throughout the many years in our lives, both as individuals and as a couple, we've come to know many, many people. Sometimes we part ways in our own life journeys, and sometimes, we build a lasting friendship.

Whether it's people we "use to" know, or people we come to hold as dear friends, without a doubt, they all leave a lasting impact on our lives. We may not see the effects of some of them until much later, or we may not even be aware, but for sure, for sure our lives are touched. Every person leaves behind a little of themselves, and it's up to us, the ones who's lives they touch, to discover them and use them to shape us into something more, something better than before.

So, I dedicate this page to the ones that matter most in our lives. The ones that have left a positive impact and perhaps helped in shaping the persons we are today. And to that, I say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our Family

  • Sherry Zhao - the wife

    Wow! What can I say about this woman? I could probably write a novel on my feelings and the amazing character that she is. What I truly love about her is her amazing business sense coupled with her ability to still be soft, gentle, and still be girly in every sense.

    I never believed in that silly notion of "love at first sight", but that's really how it happened. We happen to meet eye to eye in a seminar on a cruise ship heading to the Bahamas. That instant, I fell for her and made a point to chase after her after the seminar.

    I'm glad a I did, because here we are, many years later and still going strong.

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  • Chloe Bolton-Zhao - the little one

    My beautiful, beautiful little girl. I can honestly say, she must be the world's cutest baby.... but I'm sure all dads say that right? But no, seriously, she really is the cutest baby in the world :)

    Little Chloe was born on the island of O'ahu in Honolulu Hawai'i. She decided to come out a few months too early so she can vacation with us. You can read all about that adventure here.

    One thing is for sure, she is definitely my wife's daughter. Take here sleeping habit for example. Not only does she somehow end up 180 degrees spun around in her bed, she also sleeps with her arms and legs spread out as if she's making snow angels. On top of that, her blanket is tangled and twisted in every which way. All.... just like her mother.

  • Tien Li Zhao - the mother-in-law

    This is Sherry's mother, or as Sherry would say, "Mommia". She and her mother have a truly strong bond. Not only as a mother and daughter, but also as best friends.

    She is indeed a wonderful woman and a more amazing cook! Wow, can she cook! But I really think she's still just trying to fatten me up so she can eat me... after all these years. I'm positive that's the truth!

    Now that she's retired, she's been a regular adventurer, traveling the world, experiencing new things and taking every moment to enjoy her life to the fullest. Yet, she still spends time, almost daily, to call her daughter from whatever part of the world she might currently be. Calling to say hi, to chat, to tell stories, to tell her daughter how much she loves her.

  • Ming Zhao - the late grandmother

    This is Grandma Zhao. Although I cannot say I spent much time with her, I can still honestly say that the few moments that I did, I found her to be a strong woman, independent and confident. I think that's part of what makes the Zhao women.

    At times she can appear mean and rude, but in reality, she's a loving person who adores her favorite granddaughter, Sherry. I truly believe that had she met her great grand daughter Chloe, her life would be truly considered full, and she would be smiling from ear to ear.

  • Grandma Phyllis - the adopted grandma

    This is a woman that I'm most proud of. She was there through my trials and tribulations. She fed me when I was hungry, sheltered me when I was homeless, supported me when I was helpless, mended me when I was broken.

    One thing is for sure, she is fiercely independent. Since her late husbands departure, she has learned to live on her own, drive where ever she can and put out fires where needed. All why taking care of her faithful companion dog Xena.

    Who is this woman? She is my best friend's grandmother, but whom I also grew up with. She is loved by many families and by many ethnicities. But more importantly, she is my grandma.

  • Drew Bolton - the husband

    Finally here I am. In case you haven't noticed, I'm the only guy in this family.... surrounded by all women. What more can a guy ask for right?

    Before I met my wife, I lived a life of bachelorhood and enjoyed all the perks that came with that status. Things like hitting the bars, clubs, hanging with friends and going on random roadtrips.... just randomly. To say I don't miss some of that stuff is a lie, but honestly, I can leave it all behind without a moment's pause.

    I suppose because I love my wife and the family I have built. And perhaps, I have grown up and learned to put the joys and jubilations of others before myself. Perhaps that's what it means to be a dad, a husband, a man with purpose in his life.

Our Friends

  • Chris & Liz - the practical duo

    Chris has been a long, long time friend of mine (Drew)... dating back since 1984-ish. We grew up together and hung out not only in school, but on trips, adventures and more. And Believe me, we've had more than our fair share of getting into trouble.

    The beautiful woman next to him is his wife, Liz. We've also known her for many, many years. She's not only a brilliant, intelligent individual, but she's also just plain fun to be around. They also have a beautiful little daughter named Iris.... a super cutie, and close to my own daughter's age.

    These two cherish both family and friendship, so when it comes to family/friend functions, they are the first to start putting together plans, calling people up and making things happen.

  • Tammy - the world traveler

    If there's one person that can keep up with Sherry's business endeavors, this is the woman! Tammy has been a long time friend of Sherry's, dating back since 2002.... and still going strong.

    This lady loves to have fun. Not only does she travel the world having fun, but she works her business while having fun. At the same time, she's also serious and passionate about her goals and life achievements.

    Tammy's love of her life is her dog and the two are inseparable! I'm pretty sure Chris (Tammy's bf) comes a far second.

  • Chantel - the friend through thick & thin

    Chantel is Sherry's best friend. They go back yeeeeears! But not too many years as she and Sherry are both quite young :) Sherry and I had attended her beautiful wedding a bunch of years back in the Grand Bahamas. I must say that it was definitely a well put together wedding.

    She's the type of person that is so caring and so thoughtful that when you are down, she will join you. When you are hurt, she also feels the pain. When you need a shoulder to cry on, she offers both of hers.

    Chantel is happily married with 3 kids... two of them are twins. But, all boys so she's going to be dealing with lots of testosterone in the near future.... poor her!

  • Matt and Cody - the perfect pair

    Matt and I go back years.... back to the good 'ol days of college and Ramen noodles! We met in our 2nd year of college in the city of Fresno CA, and been friends ever since. Cody (pictured) is his beautiful model of a wife. between them, they've got two adorable kids.

    Not only have Matt and I gone through college together, we've also worked together as freelance programmers & web developers. With that said, we've come to appreciate each other's programming capabilities and strong points. It's been great bouncing ideas off of him and vise versa. One thing is for sure, we can critique each other's ideas and work without offending.

    We were single when we met as friends. Now all these years later, here we are, both of us married, with kids and a budding family.

  • Mu and David - the savvy business folks

    Ah, what can I say about Mu and David? Well, let me first start off by saying how much I cherish their friendship and our fun times.

    We met them through various networking events and got to know them well through food. Yes, we're all foodies and enjoy the finer things in life.... such as food :)

    Mu and Sherry are almost like sisters as they seem to relate on many aspects of life, especially as entrepreneurs and networkers. David and I, well, we connect because our love of beer and wine. And when we all have a moment, we're out having a great dining experience, or at each other's place sitting to a good home-cooked meal.

  • Debby and Brian - the real estate duo

    This is Debby & Brian, a really super cool couple.... and newly married at the time of this writing. Sherry met Debby through some networking events and hit it off. Later, we all got introduced through a double dinner date and thus how we also met Brian.

    Both are health fanatics and keep up with staying healthy not just in exercising but also via healthy diet. Brian is an amazing Iron Man contestant and bicycling enthusiast, thus him and I hit it off since I'm into MTB'ing (mountain biking).

    One thing is for sure, we all appreciate good food at some great local restaurants. Yes, they're both foodies too, especially Sushi! The bill can get pretty big when the four of us are laughing it up over good sushi, beer and saki!

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